The Sunrise Ocean Bender: Everybody Must Get Throned, Segment 1

9 hours 22 minutes ago
label // radio // // Sunrise Ocean Bender sets sail Thursdays, 9-11 pm EST, on WRIR 97.3 ( to find something for your ears, and something for your head … psych rock and pop, prog, kosmische, space rock … detours … There might be a map, but the destination is up for grabs.
dr. atavist

Donald Drumpf Theatre: Donald Drumpf Theatre Vol. 152 Articles of Impeachment, Segment 1

1 day 16 hours ago
An original radio theatre show each week, with most sounds culled from the previous week, about a fictional, theatrical presidency. Contradictions tell the story, with songs, skits, and clips from political news shows and late-night comedy routines. The definition of "radio theatre" is stretched here, with an updated Dickie Goodman and/or Richard Foreman-meets-mashup style sometimes, and a more straightforward take other weeks. Currently airing on 30 or 40 stations around the world, the network has ordered another 10 episodes, but with impeachment cancellation is possible at any moment. Anyone who would like to work on a production, or have their work air in this timeslot, should contact
Wave Farm/WGXC 90.7-FM

Radio Curious: Grace Carpenter Hudson & Laura Ferri – The Painter Lady, Segment 1

1 day 18 hours ago
Grace Carpenter Hudson was known as the painter-lady in her hometown of Ukiah, CA. She started her career as a painter when she was a teenager in the 1870s. By the time of her death in 1937, she had produced over 600 canvas paintings and numerous other works. Her skills focused almost exclusively on the lives and cultures of the Pomo Indians who lived in Mendocino County. Her husband, Dr. John Hudson, assisted her by making the study of native culture his life’s work, overshadowing his profession as a physician. Grace Carpenter Hudson was a shrewd businesswoman, as well as an artist of increasing renown. Most of the family income came from the sale of her artwork. I spoke with Grace Carpenter Hudson in the person of actress Laura Ferri at the Grace Carpenter Hudson museum in Ukiah, CA, during an exhibition of her work. Grace Carpenter Hudson recommends “The Age of Innocence,” by Edith Morton. Laura Ferri recommends “Stones from the River,” by Ursula Hegi. Originally Broadcast: March 5, 1997
Radio Curious - Barry Vogel

The Sonic Cafe: Sonic Cafe #165/Takes Control of Your Radio, Segment 1

1 day 22 hours ago
Sonic Café from the Glorious Dead album, that’s music from The Heavy, so ahh welcome to another hour of intelligent, eclectic music comedy and pop culture, I’m your host Scott Clark and this is episode 165. This time, the Sonic Café, takes control of your radio, with a mix of alternative and indie rock tunes we really think you’ll like. Listen for music from The Strokes, TV On The Radio, Twin Forks, The Tragically Hip and a whole lot more, even a tune from Future Island, featuring the vocals of Blondie’s Debbie Harry. Then later, the Sonic Café brings you some darn funny comedy from Taylor Tomlinson. Oh and a great big Sonic Café welcome to Spatula City, our newest sponsor. Spatula City, it’s a giant warehouse of spatula’s for every occasion, that’s Spatula City. All that and more as the Sonic Cafe takes control of your radio with a mix of kickin’ alternative and indie rock tunes, all just ahead from that little café on the Pacific coast that gives you an alternative to big corporate radio, we’re the Sonic Café.
Scott Clark