The Mind's Ear: Skinless, Segment 1

1 day 18 hours ago
The Minds Ear Program #41: "Skinless" Is your skin holding you back? Would your life, perhaps, be more fruitful and fulfilling without it? Chald explores these questions--and many more--in this rather discomforting installment of The Mind's Ear.
The Mind's Ear

Classics and Beyond: Classics and Beyond 1814, Segment 1

2 days ago
Segment One Carlos Surinach: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra I. Allegro II. Larghetto III. Vivace Con Fuoco Alicia de la Rocha: Piano Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Rafael Frubeck de Bergos: Conductor LP: Concertos From Spain (Decca) Segment Two Johann Sebastian Bach: English Suite No. 6, BWV 811 I. Prelude II. Allemande III. Courante IV. Sarabande Avec Double V. Gavote 1 and II VI. Gigue Hugette Dreyfus: Harpsichord LP: Bach: English Suites 5 and 6 (Archiv)
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The Alembic Files: Phantasms of Freedom, Part 1, Segment 1

2 days 5 hours ago
Eric the Blacksmith discusses the Antifederalists in this first of a series. How much do we know about the debate between the Federalist Founders and the Antifederalists? How did Rhode Island fare when it said No to adopting the Constitution? Eric talks about his background and an email exchange. He refers to the book, "Hologram of Liberty" by Kenneth Royce, and mentions researchers James Montgomery and The Informer. George Carlin and Mark Twain are compared. Twain's "Elements of Satire" is reviewed. What is the nature of government? What did Christ teach about politics? North Carolina, like Rhode Island, was resistant to the Constitution. Eric reads a powerful 28 January, 1788 poem "On The New Constitution" published in the State Gazette of South Carolina. The poem leveled serious charges against the Founders and their tactics. What were some of the circumstances surrounding the Hamilton-Burr Duel? A scene from "The Way We Were" reminds us of today's political discourse. The show concludes with a scene from "Life is Worth Losing" by George Carlin.

Latin Waves : interviews Sister Elizabeth Kelleher about social housing, Segment 1

2 days 18 hours ago
This interview aired in 2011 and is still relevant today, Sister Kelleher passed on Aug 16 2013 and her life continues to be an inspiration to all***Gives us all something to think about at this time of year** We speak to Sister Elizabeth Kelleher, an 85 year old nun with the Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement, we talk about her efforts to stop more gentrification in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside the poorest postal code in Canada. Sister Elizabeth is a pillar in the Downtown Eastside where she tirelessly gives of her time and continues to be a source of inspiration for many, many people. She operates a soup kitchen that feeds between 300 and 500 of the city’s most poverty stricken each day. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 homeless people in BC , of which 32 percent are aboriginal, and amongst women, 50 percent. A homeless person dies every 12 days in B.C. Conservative Estimates put the national homeless numbers at close to 300,000. The annual cost of homelessness in Canada in 2007 was approximately $4.5 to $6 billion in emergency services, community organizations, and non-profits. The cost both financially and morally of doing nothing is tremendous. Canada is the only G8 country without a national housing plan or poverty reduction strategy.