The Alembic Files: Your Life is Their Toy - Part 18, Segment 1

18 hours 54 minutes ago
Health and life are man's most precious possessions; and anxiety to preserve them is natural. It is not surprising, therefore, that they have been exploited since time immemorial. Every age has had its charlatans, quacks and medicine men. Much in the same measure as social organization has attained its highest pitch in the present era, the exploitation of health and life today has reached its zenith. Never before in history has there arisen such an extensive conspiracy about the problem of public health of entire nations, involving well-organized, opposing political and commercial groups. The consequence of this welter of exploitation is the sacrifice of human comfort, happiness, health and life. --Emanuel Josephson, 1941, "Your Life is Their Toy."

This Way Out: Rainbow Globes + All for ONE + global LGBTQ news!, Segment 1

1 day ago
LGBTQ history is safe in the hands of ONE; Hollywood celebrates a rainbow of Golden Globe Awards; Chechnya continues its anti-queer purge, homophobic Dutch Christians issue an “unclean” manifesto, Israeli doctors are barred from “curing” same-gender attraction, a U.S. federal judge dresses down Drag Queen Story Time plaintiffs, a biased Colorado baker adds a trans layer to his cake crimes, and more LGBTQ news from around the world!
Lucia Chappelle

Latin Waves : interviews journalist and filmmaker Jesse Freeston , Segment 1

1 day 19 hours ago
Jesse Freeston is a Canadian journalist and filmmaker. His work focuses primarily on social movements in North and Central America, he video journalism is found on the The Real News Network, his work can also be found on Host Sylvia Richardson speaks to Jesse about the recent military style attack and removal of The Wet’suwet’en people from their territory by RCMP, they have have never signed treaties with Canada or sold their lands, a fact confirmed by Canada’s Supreme Court in 1997 in a landmark case known as Delgamuukw. They talk about the blockade to block trans mountain from building a pipeline that would fuel the process known as fracking, what this means for Canada and what it means for our Prime Minister whom speaks the language of reconciliation yet his actions show the status quo towards first nations rights.